What is No Code?

"No code" is a movement based around building value without writing code.

What is No Code?

"No code" is a movement that:

  • Recently gained popularity but has been around for a long time
  • Means different things to different people
  • Enables an army of non-developer entrepreneurs and creative people to get a whole lot done

A simple example of "no code" is using Squarespace to build and host your website.

A more complex example is using Voiceflow to create an Amazon Alexa skill that updates an Airtable database. (Here's what that process looks like.)

For me, "no code" is an amazing way to work quickly and effectively with clients who like to work quickly and effectively. As a developer and a user experience professional, "no code" tools allow me to build robust and well-supported products without all the actual nuts-and-bolts building. It's a way for me to spend my working time doing the things that I'm most uniquely valuable at (the strategy, UX, and implementation)... and not charge for hours and hours of coding.

Here's how Ryan Hoover (founder of Product Hunt) explains "no code" in general: The Rise of "No Code."

My view is best expressed in "No Code" for Agencies and Consultants.

To help people see the potential and scale of this movement, I created free tool to search for "no code" software by category: A List of No Code Software.

Cover Photo by Kobu Agency on Unsplash