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This website (x dot) is an evergreen content hub from Drew Thomas.

The goal here is to start with broad topics and then dive deep with demos, micro webapps, and original thoughts and theories.

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Here's a taste of what's on here...

No code

Lately, I've been really into "no code." To learn about "no code" software, start with What is No Code?

I also do "no code" product demos, like this, in the demos section.

Business and marketing

I don't like ads, but I do like organic, modern marketing.

What's Different About Modern Marketing will give you some insight into what I mean.

Consulting and freelancing

Being a general entrepreneur and indie hacker, I rely on consulting work to help pay the bills. I've worked hard to build the work/lifestyle I want, and I share some insight from my own experience.

For a taste, try Your Hourly Number or How to Bill Weekly.

About Me

I'm Drew Thomas, and this is my bio page.

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